Krandienst Lange Adds 50t Truck Mounted Tadano HK4.050 to Fleet. – Heavy Lift News
17 Feb 2022

Krandienst Lange Adds 50t Truck Mounted Tadano HK4.050 to Fleet.

Krandienst Lange, based in Grimmen, near Greifswald, has stood for precision-fit lifting and heavy-duty work for almost 25 years. With over 120 vehicles in its fleet, the company serves regional as well as international projects and stands for quality and efficiency – values that the Tadano HK 4.050-1 also encapsulates. It quickly became clear that the new truck mounted crane from Tadano would become the newest addition to the fleet.

Stefanie Lange, managing director of the crane service from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania remembers: ‘When the new HK 4.050-1 vehicle concept was presented, it was immediately clear to me that we would acquire such a model. We are particularly excited about the tridem axle. We already had an HK 50 with this axle and it really makes the cranes great to drive.’

Krandienst Lange from Grimmen relies on the well-known and robust Tadano technology. The company has a total of around 30 cranes from the Lauf-based manufacturer in its fleet, three of which are truck mounted cranes. ‘The Tadano cranes are just great. They run and run and run. When I look at the records we have for the cranes, I only see a maximum of two or three maintenance entries for the Tadano machines. I expect the same from our new crane – and my impression from the first few weeks with it is that it certainly meets my expectations’, says Stefanie Lange happily. The maintenance-friendly dual-engine concept contributes to its efficiency. This means that visits to the workshop are short, and the machines are back in action quickly.

The truck mounted crane is used flexibly by Krandienst Lange for everything from prefabricated houses to basement construction – fast-moving projects that the HK 4.050-1 can handle comfortably and economically thanks to its quality and efficiency as a taxi crane.

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Left to right:  Remo Dieckmann (Crane driver, Krandienst Lange) and Thorsten Dietzel (Sales Manager, Tadano).


Source Tadano Europe

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