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5 Oct 2018

Konecranes to deliver crane to Italy

Date 05 October 2018

Lorenzini & C. S.r.l. (Lorenzini) placed an order for a Konecranes Gottwald Model 8 crane in the third quarter of 2018. Starting in January 2019 the crane will be handling containers in Livorno, Italy.

The Model 8 crane, to be delivered fully-erected and then commissioned on-site, will serve container vessels and ConRo vessels transporting containers, wheeled cargo and vehicles. The diesel-electric mobile harbor crane will be ready for hook-up to the terminal’s grid for even greater eco-efficiency in future.

Enio Lorenzini, President of Lorenzini & C. S.r.l.: “We are already operating six high-performance mobile harbor cranes from Konecranes in Livorno and have opted for the giant Konecranes Gottwald Model 8 crane to expand our fleet. This flexible crane meets the challenges presented by the new vessel sizes and types used by our partner Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). Having the largest mobile harbor crane in the Mediterranean region is symbolic of how we are keeping one step ahead.”

Giuseppe Di Lisa, Sales and Marketing Director of Konecranes’ Business Unit Mobile Harbor Cranes: “With this large Model 8 crane, Lorenzini can handle containers across 22 rows and a very high on-deck stack height. We are pleased to see that this new Model 8 crane variant is gaining a foothold in Europe.”

Source Konecranes

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