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14 Feb 2020

Konecranes Outsourcing with Spanish thyssenkrupp Galmed S.A.U.

Konecranes has won a contract with thyssenkrupp Galmed S.A.U., thyssenkrupp’s hot-dip galvanizing line, to provide two Konecranes technicians who will work at the steel production site in Spain providing preventive and corrective crane maintenance.

The contract, signed in 2019, also includes 24/7 on-call services, RopeQ Magnetic Rope inspection, compliance inspections, MAINMAN Planned Maintenance, Oil Analysis, Planned Repairs and spare parts management. The two on-site technicians will provide preventive and corrective maintenance at the thyssenkrupp Galmed’s 420,000-square-foot facility near Valencia, with future plans to add TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring.

“thyssenkrupp Galmed recognizes our commitment to their successful steel production and our expertise in the operation, availability and safety of their cranes,” said Konecranes Service Sales Manager David Caro about the relationship between thyssenkrupp Galmed and Konecranes, which dates back to 2010.

In 2010, thyssenkrupp Galmed signed a contract with Konecranes for periodic crane inspections. Over three years, the technician team reduced on-call services by 40 percent, while also providing preventive and corrective maintenance and retrofits. The site temporary closed in 2013, but upon reopening the confidence and trust between the two companies continued to build, resulting in a new annual outsourcing contract that more than tripled in value, said Caro.

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Galmed’s plant in Sagunto working for Thyssenkrupp

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