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3 Sep 2019

Konecranes Gottwald Deliver Model 6 to Townsville

In July this year, Townsville Marine Logistics Pty Ltd, on the north-eastern coast of Australia, received an electric Konecranes Gottwald Model 6 Mobile Harbor Crane. The crane is the backbone of the company’s bulk and container operations.

Founded in 2018, Townsville Marine Logistics (TML) is a stevedoring company located in Townsville, a medium-sized town on the North Queensland coast. It is a subsidiary of Korea Zinc, an international leader in smelting, and their primary customer is a sister organization, Sun Metals Refinery. Recent growth in mining created greater demand for cargo handling in the region, and TML needed efficient, reliable, and high-performance port equipment to help them build a stronger business.

“We are thrilled to partner with Konecranes on the purchase of our first mobile harbor crane in Townsville,” says Damien Scott, Operations Manager. “Under a tight schedule, it was good to see commissioning completed swiftly and professionally. We’re now in the training and familiarization phase, and are confident we’ll soon achieve best practice productivity with our new Model 6 crane. We are already planning for a second one.”

The new crane is a Konecranes Gottwald Model 6 Mobile Harbor Crane in the two-rope variant G HMK 6507, with a maximum capacity of 125 tons. It features several smart crane features, including a land-side lowering function, which reduces noise and the possibility of damage to the spreader, containers and wharf. It has built-in preparedness to use power from the port’s grid in the future for more eco-efficient operation. This will reduce the crane’s energy consumption and eliminate local exhaust emissions. This fulfills the strict environmental requirements of both Townsville Marine Logistics and the trade association Ports Australia.

“In the short time since Townsville Marine Logistics bought their first Model 6, they’ve secured two additional new customers,” says Mike Green, Regional Director Sales APAC for Konecranes Mobile Harbor Cranes. “This shows tremendous confidence in the Konecranes brand, and has reinforced their commitment to a long-term partnership with us.”

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