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15 Jun 2018

Video: Konecranes Focuses on Fuel-Saving Systems for Lift Trucks

15 June 2018

Konecranes is launching ECOLIFTING for lift trucks, a fuel-saving concept including three driveline solutions.

The systems are Power Drive, which offers up to 15% fuel savings; Flow Drive, with up to 25% fuel savings; and the Hybrid Drive, offering up to 40% fuel savings. 

Konecranes has tested its system with hybrid reach stackers in over 10,000 hours of commercial operations and found that Hybrid Drive cuts down fuel consumption by up to 40%, and benefits business, users, processes and the environment.

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Håkan Andersson, Product Manager, Konecranes Lift Trucks, said: “We are continuously improving the environmental performance of our products, processes and services for our customers around the world. 

“Our customers can make better choices for the environment without compromising the performance and power of their machines.”

Konecranes has claimed that Power Drive is the “most cost-efficient way” to start reducing emissions and fuel expenses, due to its very short payback time. 

The company has also stated that Power Drive saves on fuel and cost, but retains the same power, with a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 15% and saves “thousands of euros annually” compared to lift trucks with a normal driveline.

Konecranes has also reported that Flow Drive, which reduces cabin vibration and other operational disruptions, can also cut down on fuel consumption by up to 25% and emissions while increasing the time spent on active operations with “a minimal financial investment”.

SOURCE: Port Technology

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