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10 Sep 2018

Kone Boxhunter RTGs ordered for Fridenson's Ashdod Terminal

A lighter 8 wheel version of the Kone Boxhunter RTG Photograph Kone

Date 10 September 2018

Fridenson Logistics of Israel, a logistic services provider based in Israel, has purchased two Konecranes BOXHUNTER RTGs for its inland container terminal near the port of Ashdod. The cranes will be delivered in autumn 2019.

The BOXHUNTER RTG is becoming popular in Israel, with two units already delivered to another inland container terminal near the port of Ashdod. BOXHUNTER is an attractive RTG concept for inland logistics companies because it’s delivered in containers, it’s easy to transport overland, and it’s erected quickly. It offers efficient, reliable container handling from a cabin located down at the sill beam right by the truck lane. Operators climb into and out of it quickly. BOXHUNTER is also very suitable for seaport container terminals. Tomer Trop, COO of Fridenson, said: “The new RTGs will improve the efficiency of our Ashdod terminal and contribute to the excellent service that we provide to our clients.” Fridenson is one of the largest logistics providers in Israel with a presence in every Israeli airport and seaport.

“Fridenson already operates reach stackers. The new BOXHUNTER RTGs will complement these machines, powering their container handling operations into the future,” says Antti Halonen, Sales Manager, Konecranes Port Solutions. “It’s very fast and easy to learn to drive BOXHUNTER,” added Mr. Halonen, “a factor that Fridenson likes because their machine operators have no experience with traditional RTGs.”

The two BOXHUNTER RTGs on order will be 16-wheel machines with the BOXHUNTER operating concept, a first in RTG design and engineering. The operator has direct line-of-sight to the truck lane action. Video cameras and laser scanners give total visibility over every container move. Fridenson’s BOXHUNTER RTGs will also be equipped with the Auto-steering and Auto-TOS-reporting features. 

Source Kone Cranes