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6 May 2022

Kobelco Launches Next Generation SK550DLC-11 Demolition Machine in Europe

As the market leader for demolition equipment in Japan, Kobelco understands how challenging demolition jobsites can be, and machinery needs to be strong enough to withstand tough conditions, but also powerful enough to get the job done. With this in mind, Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) is pleased to announce the launch of the next-generation SK550DLC-11 which delivers increased engine performance, enhanced durability and improved operator comfort compared with the previous model.

The new Kobelco SK550DLC-11 replaces the SK550DLC-10, which first launched in 2018. Like its predecessor, and the smaller capacity SK350DLC and SK400DLC demolition models, the versatile SK550DLC-11 features Kobelco’s proven NEXT system for both high elevation and foundation demolition work and enable easy transportation between projects.

While the Kobelco SK550DLC-11 is a common base machine, the Kobelco-developed NEXT system attachments means that the machine can be adapted for multiple applications on the jobsite, including high elevation demolition projects as well as breaking up building foundations. The machine has four ultra-long attachment configurations and can work to a maximum height of 27.5m. The separate boom configuration is ideal for tackling lower floors of tall buildings and has a maximum working depth of 6.2m. The reinforced attachments can be easily changed on site.



“Kobelco has long been a leader in demolition equipment and the SK550DLC-11 offers customers the versatility and flexibility of being able to perform both high reach and foundation demolition work, all with the same machine. The NEXT system is a big selling point for this machine as it has been designed to save significant costs and time on the job site; attachments can be changed on-site in around 30 minutes, and the machine can be transported easily on a regular trailer. The SK550DLC-11 has also been reinforced to withstand some of the toughest demolition conditions. Like all Kobelco machines, the SK550DLC-11 is built to last.”



Source Kobelco


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