KNM Helge Ingstad Video and Photographs from Tuesday and Wednesday – Heavy Lift News
28 Feb 2019

KNM Helge Ingstad Video and Photographs from Tuesday and Wednesday

Thursday, 28. February
Update at 09:30
Last night at 20:25, the tow started by KNM “Helge Ingstad” to Hanøytangen. With a background in good conditions and successful transport, the crane barge with the frigate Hanøytangen arrives now at 09:30. It is expected to spend around four hours to moor the crane vessels at Hanøytangen.

Diesel oil leakage has not been reported during the tow. During the morning, spill precautions will be set out around the quay area where the remaining uplift will take place.

The Minedykkekommandoen (the maritime/naval special warfare unit of the Norwegian Special Operations Command)  is in the morning hours in place to start the cleanup work where the vessel has been lying since the collision. Hjorteseth Shipping and IMC diving will also participate in the cleanup work that will continue for some time. There is good dialogue with Equinor (formally known as Statoil) and Øygarden municipality (the municipality covering the island chain north which includes the site of the salvage operation) of regarding expectations for the cleanup work.

Below you will find time lapse filming from the past 2 days

Video courtesy of the Royal Norwegian Navy.
Made by Varde Solutions.

The title featured Photograph and all of the following photographs were made by the Norwegian Ministry of Defense Photographer Hedvig A. Halgunset.


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