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27 Nov 2018

KNM Helge Ingstad salvage operation continues

Rambiz preparing for the salvage operation

Date 27 November 2018

After the collision between the Tanker Sola TS and the Royal Norwegian Navy Vessel Helge Ingstad at 04.02 on Thursday 8 November the salvage team and vessels are now preparing to salvage the Navy vessel.

It is now a declared state of action, which means that the Coastal Administration is leading the oil spill action, while the Navy is leading the work on the collision operation for the accident (KNM Helge Ingstad). 

Operations continue to contain and collect oil spillage and it was reported by the Coastal Administration this morning, 27 November, that a total of 33 cubic metres of water mixed with oil had been collected had been collected. No new spillage has been reported.

The crane vessel Rambiz is standing by preparing the lift on the location while big sister Gulliver remains anchored near Bergen.

Photographs from the Norwegian Coastal Administration show the frigate directly after the collision before she slipped into deeper water with only the upper deck exposed above water.

The map from the Norwegian Coastal Administration shows the situation and the activity at the site of damage, as well as areas where pollution has been observed. 

Directly after the collision

Damage to the frigate

Damage to the frigate

The frigate slipped into deeper water

Containing the Oil spill

Preparing for the salvage operations

Source Norwegian Coastal Administration

Photographs – Norwegian Coastal Administration

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