Klaipedos Transekspedicija UAB's New 3+7 CombiMAX from Faymonville – Heavy Lift News
16 Oct 2023

Klaipedos Transekspedicija UAB’s New 3+7 CombiMAX from Faymonville

This is special transport!

Faymonville’s Lithuanian customer Klaipedos Transekspedicija UAB has sent these photographs to Faymonville of their brand new 3+7 CombiMAX ftom FAYMONVILLE Trailers to the MAX.

It’s the perfect tool to achieve an optimum load distribution with the 8×4 truck from Klaipedos. The modular 3+7 vehicle with a basic width of 2,850 mm is equipped with 17.5′ PA-X pendle-axles.

This technology enables a minimum loading height of only 790 mm, a 60° steering angle and 600 mm stroke for an ideal manoeuvrability with heaviest or even longest freights such as converters, heat exchangers or wind tower sections.


This CombiMAX has a double extendable platform offering 18,900 mm of additional loading length.



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