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4 Oct 2019

‘Kippis’ at Faymonville’s Finnish Customer

Faymonville in association with AT Special Transport Oy Ab are proud to present “Bloody” and “Mary”!

They are the newest family members of Faymonville’s longtime Finnish customer AT Special Transport Oy Ab.

The company enters the field of modularity and have now received an impressive CombiMAX trailer kit. In total, 20 axle lines have been achieved, composed by a 6-axle, two 4-axle, one 3-axle, one 2-axle and one Joker-axle-bogie. Additionally, the team from owner Jonas Ahola has chosen for an extendable lowbed and a center beam called “Add-on-beam” – a unique feature within the modular trailer world.

Some team members from AT Special Transport came this week to Faymonville to get a detailed training session. The CombiMAX offers them new dimensions in the field of special transports in Scandinavia.

To underline the integration of the red vehicles within the AT philosophy, the Finnish baptized the vehicles the names of “Bloody” for the trailer with Add-on-beam and “Mary” for the lowbed configuration. A spicy cocktail which is from now on ready for all challenges.

(‘Kippis’ = ‘Cheers’ and ‘Proost’ in Finnish)


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