Kiel Canal closes after MERI's collision with Holtenau Bridge – Heavy Lift News
30 Nov 2022

Kiel Canal closes after MERI’s collision with Holtenau Bridge

The Holtenau Bridge in the Kiel Canal was damaged when the heavy lift ship MERI ran into it, closing both the bridge and the canal to traffic.

After entering the Kiel Canal for southbound transit, the ship reportedly made contact with the Holtenau Bridge at around 03:40 UTC.

After a collision, some of the crane’s carrying parts by MERI fell into the water and sank.

Heavy lift vessel MERI was constructed in 2012 by STX Finland Turku.

MERI is traveling from Rostock to Esbjerg, Denmark’s Jutland. The collision caused MERI to stay berthed.


Photo: Wikimedia

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