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11 Jan 2019

Kegworth Bridge Installation – Osprey Heavy Lift

Osprey Heavy Lift was contracted by Cleveland Bridge (UK) Ltd to carry out the installation of a 1200te bridge deck for the Kegworth Bypass in Leicestershire.

This new bridge forms part of the major infrastructure works at SEGRO Logistics Park at East Midlands Gateway.

Located across the M1 motorway, the project required the closure of one of Britain’s busiest roads with the added challenge of working directly underneath the flight path of the nearby East Midlands Airport.

Due to the height restrictions working under the flightpath, SPMTs were used as an alternative to cranes to

offload the bridge beams and accurately position them ready for the assembly. Once the deck was fully assembled, the SPMTs were then used to lift the rear of the bridge to allow the removal of temporary support props. This created the space required to position the SPMTs directly under the bridge ready for the actual launch. A unique solution was developed using separate sets of SPMTs on the upper and lower levels and bespoke packing to accommodate the 1:40 fall along the motorway.

The upper set of SPMTs (4 x 14 axles) were positioned centrally under the deck. During the weekend closure the deck was propelled out over the abutment into cantilever. For the second stage of the operation 36 axles at 90o were assembled on the motorway during the closure. Additional packing was also built on the bed of the trailers to reach the required height. Additional tail units were designed into the bridge to accommodate an additional 24 axles, this released the initial upper SPMTs and continued the launch of the deck into its final position.

Source Osprey