Kalmar Digs Deeper into CO₂ Footprint Reduction – Heavy Lift News
16 Oct 2023

Kalmar Digs Deeper into CO₂ Footprint Reduction

Our target is to reduce our CO₂ footprint within various parts of our business. Keep reading and dive deeper into the details of our ongoing emission reduction actions!

  • Supply Chain:
    • We are continuously engaging and collaborating with our suppliers to increase transparency, identify emission hotspots and create decarbonisation roadmaps.
  • Our Own Operations:
    • We aim to be carbon neutral by expanding the share of renewable electricity supply and installing solar panels to sites and offices, as well as ensuring electrification of service vans and company cars.
  • Use of sold products:
    • The use phase of Kalmar’s equipment is where the majority of our CO₂ emissions (83% in 2022) are generated. Therefore, we have two key focus areas:
      1. Climate solutions – developing our Eco Portfolio of zero and low-emission equipment.
      2. Circular solutions – services, maintenance, spare parts, selling pre-owned equipment, rental services, refurbishing and modernising the equipment and spare parts.






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