KAHL Moves House in the Snow – Heavy Lift News
18 Feb 2021

KAHL Moves House in the Snow

For the extension of the exhibition “Königsberger Straße” in the open-air museum at Kiekeberg in Rosengarten-Ehestorf,  KAHL Schwerlast GmbH was commissioned to transport a house from Tostedt to the museum.

The task began after checking the route, creating a clearance profile of 9m x 9m and checking the sewers under their transport route.

The team from KAHL began with the preparations by first supporting the house with the help of girders in order to lift it out of the foundation with hydraulic skidding tracks. With the help of their 10-axis SPMT they were able to drive under the house and lift it from the girders.

The first stage was the transport from the foundation to the nearest road, which was completed without complications. From there the KAHL transport vehicles took over consisting of a 22-axle THP combination, which was moved by two ballasted 4-axle towing and pushing tractors. The 30km journey could now begin.

In some cases, traffic lights and street lamps had to be dismantled in order to carefully maneuver the 8.45m wide and 6.5m high house through the eye of a needle. In addition, it was necessary to set up a diversion via a parking lot in order to park the convoy on its journey on the street.

After the 30km had been successfully completed at a maximum speed of 5km/h, the last stage, the transport directly to the new foundation in the museum, could be started. This stage was made more difficult by the onset of winter. The house was again placed on on to their 10-axle SPMT. The last 500 meters were tackled using a makeshift road that had been made to avoid road damage. The lowering of the house from the SPMT on to its new foundations meant the end of a truly spectacular journey.

A huge compliment tothe KAHL team for their commitment and dedication. From the planning to the preparation to the execution of the transport a brilliant achievement.

The dimensions of this task were:

House: 12m length x 8.45m width x 6.5m height, weighing 199t.

Overall convoy: 55m length x 8.45m width x 7.5m height, weighing 356t.


Source KAHL Group of Companies