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10 Apr 2020

Jumbo to move ever closer to customers in Spanish market

The Spanish market has always been important for Jumbo; from the start, the company has had a strong position here. Alongside seriously changing market conditions, Jumbo has realized the need to step-up its efforts to retain, and in some segments regain, its market position. This includes responding to a growing desire from Spanish customers to engage more directly with Jumbo in setting up, safely handling and efficiently executing heavy lift projects.

In the shipping and heavy lift transportation sector, Jumbo has always endeavoured to be a proactive company. Responding to customers’ wishes and adapting to changing demands of the Spanish market is part of that. Several heavy lift and transport sectors worldwide are increasingly becoming direct markets. As Jumbo is further developing from a traditional Heavy Lift carrier to a full service Transport & Installation contractor, intensifying direct relationships with its Spanish customers has become paramount.

Simultaneously, and reluctantly, Jumbo has decided to terminate its exclusive agency agreement with ship agency Martico. Jumbo Shipping Commercial Manager Laurens Govers says: “Jumbo has worked with Martico for years and we highly value the professional agency services that we have received in the past. As this industry is constantly changing, the need has arisen to alter our business strategy in a more direct one.

All enquiries regarding shipping and heavy lift transport projects in the Spanish region are now handled by Guy Foubert, Jumbo Shipping Regional Commercial Manager. Working out of Jumbo’s head office in the Netherlands for the last 4 years, Guy has built up strong relationships with Jumbo’s customers throughout the logistics chain.

There are many advantages of working directly with our clients,” comments Guy. “Of course, the lines of communication are short and efficient. It also gives us the unique opportunity to get to know customers’ project requirements on a truly ‘hands-on’ level and be able to respond more directly to customer’s needs and market requirements. I’m looking forward to engage more directly with our Spanish cusotmers

With its fleet of heavy lift carriers and experienced teams, Jumbo continues its presence and service in Spain and southern Europe.

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