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11 Mar 2019

Jumbo Ships ECO-Hoppers

In late 2018, Jumbo’s MV Fairpartner and her strong team lifted and shipped two ECO-Hoppers weighing 270t each from Vlissingen in the Netherlands all the way to Kwinana in Australia.

Breston BV received an order from Australia for the supply of an installation that could buffer, weigh and hold bulk goods discharged from ships, such as artificial fertilizer and raw materials. They engineered a suitable concept for two receiving hoppers designed to withstand complex combinations of forces due to hurricanes, earthquakes and collisions.

The new hoppers were moved to the quay in the Netherlands by Mammoet. Jumbo then lifted the two structures on board the Fairpartner and fastened them in for the journey ahead.

Having made the voyage safely from the Netherlands to Australia at the beginning of 2019, we were proud to deliver these two ECO-hoppers on the quayside for Breston BV.

Jumbo would like to thank all the teams involved for the successful cooperation.

Source Jumbo Shipping Team

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