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3 Feb 2020

Jumbo Shipping Team in Rostock

In a statement issued this afternoon concerning the incident in the port of Rostock on Saturday involving the Jumbo Vision, Jumbo Shipping have listed the facts known and confirmed at this moment prior to any findings of their investigation team that is now in Rostock.

The press release states:-

  • The cargo consisted of two mobile cranes. During loading, the cranes rolled off the deck subsequently into the water due to reasons yet unknown and currently under investigation.

  • As far as we know now, there has been an environmental spillage from the cranes. At the moment this is being contained by the local authorities.

  • Two persons involved were injured; no one was hospitalised.

  • Jumbo immediately launched a full investigation and dispatched a team to Rostock. 

  • Until the full cause is known, we can’t provide more information.

They conclude, stating that we (the press) will be kept up to date with information.

Source Jumbo Shipping

Featured Title photograph the Jumbo Vision on an earlier voyage

HeavyLiftNews.com appreciates the difficulties involved in any investigation and will report the news as and when it is received.







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