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8 Aug 2019

Jumbo Lift Record goes to Jumbo Kinetic

Jumbo really enjoy pioneering solutions, and their team gets very excited when they can rise to a new challenge. This project allowed them to do just that! Samsung Engineering booked Jumbo to transport an ultra-heavy Wash Tower and 4 columns, including transport saddles, for the JUPC project in Saudi Arabia. The specialised Jumbo team handled the safe loading, sea fastening, and transportation of the 4 columns from Zhangjiagang, China and the Wash tower from Pyeongtaek, Korea to Jubail in Saudi Arabia.

The Wash Tower weighs 1,929 tonnes with dimensions of: L 101.1 m x W 10.8 m x H 11.4 m and was lifted by the Jumbo Kinetic’s own cranes in a dual lift.

The Jumbo Kinetic then set sail towards Jubail, where she discharged the cargo safely onto the quayside.

Inventive yet safe and efficient ways to ship and install cargoes of all shapes and sizes are engineered on a daily basis by the Jumbo team. For this project the Jumbo engineers and port captains worked closely with their clients to create a highly customised solution. The added complexity of the ultra-heavy cargo meant that smart and accurate logistical planning and engineering were essential.

The Jumbo Kinetic is from the K-class family, fitted with two 1,500t cranes with a combined lift capacity of 3,000t. Being the biggest heavy-lift vessel in its class, the cranes give a larger outreach than vessels with less lifting capacity.

Featured Title photograph The Jumbo Kinetic Team and their Record Lift

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