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6 Jan 2020

JB Rawcliffe Transporting Transformer

In Q4 of 2019 JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd reported the successful completion of a high profile move of a generator transformer from an oil fired power station to a nuclear power station.

The project involved the skidding, utilising our hydraulic skid system of the transformer from inside a building, out of the building and into the roadway where it was loaded to a girder trailer.

During the night the transformer then travelled down the West coast of Scotland under full police escort. The transformer was offloaded to a storage plinth as a spare for the nuclear power station which involved rotating the transformer 90˚ to access the storage building. The complex project was a complete success and completed well within project parameters.

The transformer weighed 166,000kg and its dimensions were 5.7m x 4.4m x 4.9m (l x b x h).

The equipment used by JB Rawcliffe included

  • runway beams
  • hydraulic skidding system
  • hydraulic jacks
  • turntable
  • girder trailer

Source JB Rawcliffe


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