Japanese Companies Launch Floating Wind Turbine Installation Vessel – Heavy Lift News
6 Jun 2018

Japanese Companies Launch Floating Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

Image source: The Ministry of the Environment

6 June 2018

Japan’s Toda Corporation has, in collaboration with Yoshida Co., Ltd., launched a vessel designed for the installation of floating offshore wind turbines.

The semi-submersible barge Float Raiser has an overall length of 110 metres, a width of 43 metres, and a 4.7-metre draft. The vessel has a deck area of around 3,980m2 and can be submerged to a depth of up to 6.7 metres.

The Roll On/Roll Off barge enables for wind turbines to be fully assembled onshore or nearshore and then loaded onto the vessel.

The project was supported by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment in an effort to promote the development of the country’s offshore wind potential.

The Cabinet of Japan has recently approved a bill to establish basic rules for the development of offshore wind power in the common sea area and beyond the port-related areas.

The new legislation is expected to allow Japan to further develop its offshore wind potential beyond the port zones and in the deepwater areas. SOURCE: OW