Jan De Nul's New Cutter Dredger Willem van Rubroeck - Video – Heavy Lift News
9 Aug 2021

Jan De Nul’s New Cutter Dredger Willem van Rubroeck – Video

The brand-new cutter dredger Willem van Rubroeck is the largest in Jan De Nul’s fleet, with a total installed power of 40,975 kW, three dredging pumps of 8,500 kW each, a cutter capacity of 8,500 kW and with an operational working depth up to 45 metres. The Willem van Rubroeck is built to dredge in very hard rocky soil. Thanks to her size, this vessel can cope with more difficult conditions, such as higher waves and more challenging weather conditions.

Jan De Nul has provided a video to let us see what the Willem Van Rubroeck looks like inside…



Source Jan De Nul


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