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27 May 2024

Jan De Nul’s Family Day in Abu Dhabi

Jan De Nul is currently carrying out several projects in Abu Dhabi, including the Lightning cable project for ADNOC. On Saturday 27 April, the Lightning project team in Abu Dhabi organised a visit for all colleagues on the cable-laying vessel Isaac Newton. The vessel has been operating in the United Arab Emirates since early April to install three cable bundles for the Lightning project, good for some 400 kilometres of submarine power links.



A total of 200 colleagues from various sites around Abu Dhabi visited the vessel with their partners and family members. Many were discovering an offshore cable-laying vessel for the first time, and some were even setting foot aboard a Jan De Nul vessel for the first time. Each visit therefore began with a safety induction, followed by a brief explanation of the Lightning project Isaac Newton is currently working on.

The tour aboard started on the bridge and proceeded to the afterdeck via the helideck. Here, visitors got an explanation on how we safely and efficiently load a power cable on and off board and how we lay and protect it on the seabed.



The visit ended in the accommodation areas, where visitors were able to learn about life on board. They had the chance to dicover the galley, the bar, the TV room and the gym. With the warm weather, an ice cream by the end of the day was welcome for both young and old. The youngest concluded the day with a fun quiz, after which they received a Jan De Nul goodie bag to take home.



After the tour of 11 different groups and countless questions from young and old to the crew, the day was over and we could look back on a successful visit full of enthusiasm.




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