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29 Oct 2019

Jan De Nul Group completes Formosa 1 Phase 2 Offshore Wind Farm scope.

After four months of installation activities, Jan De Nul Group today announces the completion of an extensive EPCI scope for foundations, power cables and scour protection on the Formosa 1 (Phase 2) Offshore Wind Farm, owned by Formosa 1 Wind Power Co. Ltd., a partnership of Ørsted (35%), JERA (32.5%), Macquarie Capital (25%) and (7.5%), located in Miaoli County, Taiwan.

Jan De Nul Group engineered, procured and installed twenty offshore wind turbine foundations consisting of a monopile and transition piece with a grouted connection. Around the monopile foundations 56,000 tonnes of scour protection have been installed. In addition, seventeen inter array cables and three subsea export cables of 33kV were designed, procured, installed, buried, terminated and tested. On land, the connection with the substation was made through 12 km of land power cables.

In addition to some international service and product providers, Jan De Nul Group engaged and contracted various service and subcontract agreements with local companies in Taiwan. In addition to using the Port of Taichung as a marshalling harbour , Jan De Nul Group utilised the local supply chain for quarried rock production, rock load-out operations, storage and transport of the foundation structures, beach pull assistance works, dive support supply, various support vessels, installation of transition joint bays, HDD ducts, land cables installation, and many other minor services.

Peter De Pooter, Manager Offshore Renewables at Jan De Nul Group: “Our local integration in Taiwan has been ongoing for the last 20 years thanks to our various maritime activities throughout the region. In the past year, we have signed different agreements with local suppliers for this project in Taiwan. Leveraging the local supply chain fits perfectly in our philosophy of involving local companies as much as possible in offshore wind construction.”

Jan De Nul Group had its first project in Taiwan in 1995. Since 1999 the Group has been at work nonstop offering its services to the offshore oil and gas industry, as well as to the main Taiwanese ports (Taipei, Taichung, Kaoshiung and Mailiao). With two other Offshore Wind Farms currently underway with completion in 2020 and 2021 respectively, Jan De Nul Group continues to play a leading role in Taiwan’s renewable power generation future.

The wind farm is owned by Formosa 1 Wind Power Co. Ltd., a partnership of Orsted (35%), JERA (32.5%), Macquarie Capital (25%) and Swancor Holding (7.5%).

The offshore wind farm is located around 6 kilometres off the west coast of the Miaoli district in the Taiwan Strait, with water depths ranging between 15 and 30 metres. The project comprises of 2 phases: an earlier phase 1 of two wind turbines with a total capacity of 8MW. A second phase added 20 offshore wind turbines with a total capacity of 120MW to Formosa 1’s current 8MW capacity. Formosa 1 is the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in Taiwan before 2020.

The monopiles range from 752 to 1,230 tonnes with a maximum diameter of 8.4 meter and a length ranging from 60.1 to 79.5 meter. The transition pieces weigh 465 tonnes and consists of five internal platforms, an external platform and boat landing.

Source Jan De Nul

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