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2 Jan 2020

James Madison University Renovation with Link-Belt

Williams Steel Erection Company of Manassas, Virginia recently purchased a 100-ton (90-mt) HTC-86100 hydraulic truck crane to utilize alongside their existing 200-ton (181.4-mt) LS-248H II lattice crawler crane and 200-ton (181.5-mt) HC-248H lattice boom truck crane for construction at James Madison University.

The three cranes were used on campus in Harrisonburg, Virginia for the university’s new Atlantic Bank James Madison University Convocation Center. In combination, the three cranes lifted steel for the new 8,500-seat arena, which was completed in late October 2019.

“The highlight of the job was lifting the final truss into place. Because of the configuration of the arena, we built both ends of the roof trusses to the middle and only had about 30 ft. (9.1 m) of width on the ground to set the final truss,” said Darryl Miller Project Manager of Williams Steel Erection Company.

The tight working path required both the LS-248H II and HC-248H to position themselves less than two feet from each other in order to accommodate the final lift. The final truss was lifted in tandem using the older model HC-248 H and LS-248 HII, and measured 220 ft. (67 m) in length and weighed 120,000 lbs. (54 431 kg).

Source Link-Belt

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