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26 Feb 2021

International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) 2020 Safety Award for Jumbo

Jumbo has been awarded the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) 2020 Safety Award for their ‘Mind Saving Rules’ campaign.

Besides the physical safety risks in their daily work, there are many risk factors for mental health that may be present in their working environment. People’s mental health has a high priority in Jumbo, so last year they introduced new ‘Mind-Saving Rules’.

The programme aims to eliminate stigma, reduce barriers to care, raise broader mental health awareness, improve and implement mental health programmes, and design benefits that better employee mental health. This is carried out through study programmes, coaching, toolkits, publications and more on each of the Mind-Saving themes such as Work/Life Balance, Physical Activity and Mindfulness. During 2020 each of the nine themes was highlighted by dedicated actions.

“Jumbo has the policy that each department has to define a safety goal within their discipline every year. This campaign was initiated by the HRM department in contribution to the Jumbo safety Framework. This way of working creates commitment with HSE throughout the whole organisation, and sometimes brings refreshing new ideas like this one,” says Johan Wulder, Manager QHSE – Jumbo.

Importantly, the results were overwhelmingly encouraging. All the 2020 workshops were fully booked and the feedback from the attendees was positive, showing the relevance of this topic today. At internal meetings, the subject of mental health has become an acceptable topic to discuss, and staff now refer to the subject in personal talks with their department managers.

Christel Diepenhorst, HR Manager – Jumbo adds “This IMCA award means recognition for the importance of mental health awareness in our industry which is dominated by attention to physical safety risks. Mental and physical safety go hand in hand. By providing information and practical tools and tips we raised broader mental health awareness and reduced barriers to asking for help or advice. The IMCA award and equally the positive feedback from our colleagues encourage us to continue with this great initiative.”

A deepening of this topic and further integration in their work procedures such as integrating these topics in the performance management cycle is on their agenda for 2021.

“Thanks to IMCA for acknowledging our hard work on this issue and most importantly for giving the subject of mental health the recognition and the significance it deserves,” Jumbo.


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