Industrie-Abbruch GmbH's New SCHEUERLE EuroCompact Low-Bed Trailer – Heavy Lift News
28 Apr 2020

Industrie-Abbruch GmbH’s New SCHEUERLE EuroCompact Low-Bed Trailer

“It runs flawlessly”, said Tobias Schirling, driver and dispatcher at sat. Industrie-Abbruch GmbH, talking about the newly purchased EuroCompact 3+5. The company collected the low-bed trailer from SCHEUERLE in Pfedelbach three weeks ago. Since then, the trailer has been used on numerous occasions. sat. Industrie-Abbruch is active in the demanding building demolition and dismantling business. The 3+5 combination is used by the company to transport heavy construction machinery and drilling equipment.

The family-owned company from Speyer, 20kms south of Ludwigshafen, Germany, has enjoyed a very good experience with a EuroCompact 1+3 which has been part of its fleet for the past two years. The EuroCompact modular system now allows the demolition specialist to combine the axle lines of the front and rear bogie units of both EuroCompact with each other. “We use combinations of 0+3, 1+3 and 1+5 up to 3+5 depending on payload requirements and loads. While, for example, our EuroCompact 1+3 can accommodate a payload of 47 tonnes, the 3+5 low loader can handle an impressive 82 tonnes of payload or, in combination with a Mercedes Arocs SLT 41.630 tractor unit, a permissible total weight of 131 tonnes. The two decks, an excavator and low-bed deck respectively, can also be variably exchanged. Furthermore, both are also telescopic. The flatbed deck offers a loading area of 6.5 plus 3.5 metres whilst the excavator deck measures 7 plus 4 metres.

The reconfiguration and set-up of the EuroCompact is also not rocket science, according to Schirling. On the contrary: “The vehicle is relatively easy to operate”, he reported. When driving, the high manoeuvrability of the EuroCompact is a huge advantage. Schirling particularly praised the customer service: “Regardless whether it is sales, service or technical support, SCHEUERLE provides help immediately. The close customer proximity of the manufacturer is unique”. Simply faultless!



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