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9 Jul 2019

Improved Dump Truck Delivery by Alexander

When a leading OEM in the mining industry approached Alexander Global Logistics, AGL, to design a solution to mobilize 24 of the world’s largest dump trucks to the world’s largest copper mine in Punta Rincon, Panama, AGL was fit and quick to the task.

Previous deliveries of the trucks had been done by delivering components from all over the world to a site near to the mine and assembling the vehicles in an open air, weather restricting site… less than perfect conditions.

Alexander Global Logistics and their partners, C.H. Robinson Project Logistics and ILG Logistics, set up a new operation where the components would be delivered to an assembly location on Pier 6 at the Port of Colon, Panama.

From there the assembled vehicles would be shipped to the mine by barge, 2 vehicles on each shipment.

Modifications to the new site loading facilities and the barge would ensure a smooth operation.  The first of 12 voyages containing 2 trucks were delivered on June 17, 2018, in Punta Rincon, Panama. Shipping 2 trucks at a time was a differentiator and a contributing reason to make a business case for change to the original delivery method.

Source Alexander Global Logistics

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