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23 Aug 2018

IHC IQIP Combi Lift with Multiple Connections

An IHC IQIP Hammer fitted with the Combi Lifting Spread socket – Photograph – IHC IQIP

Date 23 August 2018

In the harsh conditions of the offshore wind sector, crane operations can often be labour-intensive, and result in excessive wear and tear to wires and sheaves. A new way of hoisting developed by IHC IQIP has overcome many of these challenges, reduced operational time and costs, and increased the efficiency and safety factor of offshore projects.

The Combi Lifting Spread can lift up to WLL 1700Te (present solution) and consists of multiple installation tools used for lifting operations during the installation of foundation in the offshore wind sector.

IHC IQIP provides multiple tools that are used during foundation installations and has already made these tools to be compatible with the Combi Lifting Spread. These tools include their Hydrohammer, Transition Piece Lifting Tool (TPLT), Flange Pile Upending Tool (FPUT), Integrated Monopile Installer (including the Noise Mitigation System – NMS). In addition, they developed versatile lifting sockets to allow general sling and shackle rigged connections for further flexibility. The system can be extended to include other tools if required.

The key to the system is the Lifting Connector which is an alternative to the crane hook as the connection point. This connector is remotely operated via radio. This system allows the Lifting Connector to make connections without the need of riggers interacting with the load, or additional shackles or slings while it automatically connects with the installation tools. Sockets on top of each installation tool connect simply to the Lifting Connector while latches operated within the Lifting Connector provide a fail-safe connection to flanges within the sockets. The Lifting Connector features smart sensors: GPS, Inclination and Video which make it able to move over an optimised installation path to enable the most efficient and accurate repeatable cycles, which, in turn, achieves the highest level of accuracy with the minimum crane operator involvement.

The Combi Lifting Spread was introduced in March 2018 and has now successfully completed its first project. The system is not only designed for future offshore wind projects but can also be used in other lifting operations with repetitive lift sequences where safety and cost savings are a priority.