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9 Nov 2018

HSC – New Crawler Crane Introduced in Tokyo

Date 9 November 2018

To meet the EU stage IV and US Tier4 final exhaust emission regulations the new 275t class SCX2800A-3, launched today in Tokyo by HSC Cranes, is equipped with a cleaner running engine and combines fuel efficiency and eco-friendly design; and safety and comfort for both crane operators and site operations.

In line with fuel economy theme of the new crane HSC have also included a new Eco winch mode, which allows high line speeds under light loads without having to increase the engine speed (low rpm). This mode delivers improved workability in situations such as high-elevation construction sites and multiple rope hanging operations and also limits fuel consumption and noise as engine speed can be kept at a minimum.

Improving safety should come first and foremost. A simple, easy-to-view interface has been designed to ensure that information is provided to the operator in the most reliable way possible. The large display panel includes all required information at a glance, easy-to-view layout without disturbing operator’s forward visibility.

Various accident prevention functions and multiple redundant safety devices have also been installed for protection against the unexpected. Work is covered by the utmost safety and reliability with a full complement of advanced safety equipment. Other features include a swing restriction device and swing brake pedal and a warning alarm with auto drum lock remain are installed as standard.

The brand name HSC Cranes was introduced earlier this year when the company formed by the combination of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.and the Sumitomo Machinery Co., Ltd changed their name to become Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes Co., Ltd.

Source HSC Cranes

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