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12 Dec 2019

HSC Hosts Dealer Conference in Aichi Prefecture

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes Co., Ltd. (HSC) hosted the 4th dealer conference in Aichi Prefecture, Japan on 19th and 20th November.

Representatives of 17 dealers including new 5 dealers and sister company participated in the conference.

The first day of the conference opened with the welcome speech by Shogo Yokoyama, president of HSC. After the welcoming speech, the managing director, president of Marketing, Sales & Customer Support Group, Tomohiko Kurose delivered the presentation of HSC’s overseas business plans and strategies. The future of HSC machine development plan was also presented to the guests.

On the second day of the event, participants visited HSC Handa Test Yard to see 55t lifting capacity SCX550-3(Launched in November 2019) and 275t lifting capacity SCX2800A-3(Launched in November 2018).

The event was a great way to connect all the key players together and provide that information in a way that benefits everyone. By having this opportunity, we believe that we enabled to strengthen the relationship with dealers as “HSC family”.

Source HSC


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