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31 May 2021

Höegh Autoliners provide Fast, Reliable and Safe Solution for Heavy Cargo

With an exceptionally tight deadline to transport locomotives from India to Africa, Freight Forwarder Kodan Solutions chose Höegh Autoliners for their unbeatable service and experience in transporting heavy breakbulk cargo.

When two heavy locomotives needed to be shipped to meet a rail project deadline in Mozambique, our team in India responded with a quick and safe solution.

Captain Atuldutt Sharma, Breakbulk Sales Manager in India, “We were contacted by Kodan Solutions for an urgent request to transport heavy locomotives that would support the development of the rail network in Mozambique. By offering the most competitive transit time of 20 days in our Middle East to India and Africa liner service, we could help Kodan Solutions to meet their project deadline.”

Höegh Autoliners has extensive experience transporting heavy breakbulk cargo within various segments. Our cargo operations team will find the smartest solution to ensure its safe shipment.

The customer delivered the 21 metre long and 80 Metric Tonne locomotives to the terminal, where they were safely stuffed and lashed on our 62’ Rolltrailers. Due to good cooperation between involved parties, the total height was just low enough to fit on board Höegh Seoul.

Einar Bassøe, Head of Global Cargo Operations, “Our vast experience in handling various cargo on rolltrailers enabled us to plan and stuff the locomotives safely onto our 62-feet rolltrailers, while maintaining weight distribution and height clearance.”

The advantage of using Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) vessels is its safety; both by rolling the cargo on board, as no high lifting is involved, as well as protecting cargo underdeck during its ocean transportation.

Jitesh Palande, Liner Sales in India, “By transporting the locomotives underdeck, we can ensure it is not exposed to elements such as seawater and humidity. This removes the need for packing, saving time and reducing costs.”

The locomotives were safely loaded in Mumbai on board Höegh Seoul to be discharged in Maputo, where they are scheduled to be commissioned into service in Mozambique.

Ms. Ittu Sharma, CEO of Kodan Solutions, “We needed a dependable partner that could support us in our urgent request. With Höegh’s reliable and fast service, as well as expert breakbulk expertise we knew we were in safe hands. They delivered a safe and high-quality solution, ensuring we met our project deadline.”


Source Höegh Autoliners

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