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7 Jun 2018

Hoeflon cranes for Mammoet

The stowed unit has an overall width of 800mm and weighs 4,700kg

6. June 2018

Mammoet Netherlands has taken delivery of two new four tonne Hoeflon C10 tracked spider cranes.

The units are the smallest in the company’s fleet which is due to be topped by the 24,000 tonne model that it is currently developing with Stoof Engineering.

The new cranes are aimed at the company’s customers in the industrial services and petrochemical markets. The C10 has a 15 metre five section boom, topped by a five metre three section hydraulic luffing jib which offsets up to 65 degrees, allowing it to luff to horizontal with the main boom fully elevated, providing a radius of six metres at a height of 16.3 metres with a capacity of 317kg. Capacity at maximum tip height of 22 metres is 748kg, while capacity at the maximum radius of 19.8 metres – with boom and jib horizontal – is 209kg.

With a total weight of 4,700kg fully equipped and an overall width of 800mm it can fit through single doorways and work in highly confined and restricted spaces, making it ideal for refineries and industrial plants where larger lifting equipment cannot gain access. The cranes will be assigned to Mammoet Noord and Mammoet West in the Netherlands.

Assen branch manager Gert Jan Uildriks said: “While Mammoet is known for its large scale projects, the company has significant operations in rental business and maintenance work. The addition of the Hoeflon C10 means that we now have the complete range of equipment to expand into new and growing markets, such as machine relocations. Having this complete package allows us to help our customers in these areas more efficiently and truly work in partnership with them.”


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