Hinkley Point C’s Tunnels Ready for Connection - Video – Heavy Lift News
16 Feb 2024

Hinkley Point C’s Tunnels Ready for Connection – Video

Hinkley Point C’s tunnels are ready for the connection to the Bristol Channel to be completed – marking a major step in the construction of the power station’s cooling water system.

Six giant shaft liners have been installed through the intake and outfall heads – ready for final connection to the 5-miles of tunnels.  The 5,000t head structures were lowered onto the seabed in 2022 and will circulate water to the nuclear power station.

The 270t liners have been installed 25-meters below sea level and feature a world-first “isolation cap”. This will allow work to be safely carried out in the tunnels during the power station’s construction and operation.

Miners will now make the final connection between the tunnels and the liners, which will allow water to start flowing into the power station.



Featured Title photograph

The top of the casing is lifted away after being cut off



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