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3 Jun 2022

High-End Crane Simulator Ordered by Jan De Nul for Voltaire and Les Alizés Crew

Jan De Nul Group has ordered a high-end crane simulator covering its two Next Generation Offshore Installation Vessels Voltaire and Les Alizés which will be delivered soon . The crane simulator will be based on real physics and the actual vessel models, enabling Jan De Nul to train its crewmembers and realistically simulate complex offshore installations in a complete safe environment, in the most severe conditions. The partner for the development of this simulator is the Norway-based company OSC AS (previously known as Offshore Simulator Centre).

This autumn, Jan De Nul wil welcome the two new Next-Generation offshore installation vessels: the Jack-Up Installation Vessel Voltaire and the Heavy Lift Vessel Les Alizés. These vessels will be a serious size larger than the vessels currently available on the offshore installation market.

Thanks to their size and unrivalled lifting capacity, both vessels will be able to install future wind turbines at sea. Current offshore wind turbines go up to 15MW. Very soon, because the industry is evolving at a rapid pace, turbines up to 20MW will be available. No other vessel on the market today can handle these giants. That first is reserved for Les Alizés and Voltaire.

The Jack-Up Installation Vessel Voltaire will be equipped with a 3,000t Leg Encircling Crane (LEC), the Heavy Lift Vessel Les Alizés with a 5,000t Tub Mounted Crane (TMC). Jan De Nul has ordered the high-end crane simulator from OSC AS in order to train future operators, deck crew, superintendents and bridge crew to work with these giant cranes in a safe and realistic environment.

Tom Maes, Manager Electrical and Automation Department at Jan De Nul Group explained that the crane simulator will be producing extraordinary graphics and close-to-reality sensations like any random video game based on real physics and the actual vessel models  offering a digital twin of both vessels and tools. The simulator will be a priceless engineering tool which will be also available for clients to advise them with future plans.

Mathieu Edet, Head of Projects at OSC:“With our expertise in digital twins and real-time simulation of demanding offshore operations, we aim to deliver first-rate engineering and training tools for marine operations. The commissioning of a high-end simulator for Voltaire and Les Alizés is a project that is in accordance with our philosophy: delivering cutting edge and multipurpose simulation solutions for engineering teams and mission crew readiness. We are thrilled to be onboard this journey with Jan De Nul Group and aspire to provide an industry-leading simulator that will gather all operation key stakeholders.”

Source Jan De Nul


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