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27 Feb 2019

High Capacity Hydraulic Girder Bridge Made in India by TII

The company JH Parabia is specialized in moving heavy cargo in India. Searching for a solution to transport heavy loads like stators and transformers, JH Parabia ordered the Girder Bridge TIIGER-STB-550 from TII India, a subsidiary of the German TII-Group. This high quality special product was designed by TII-Group, Germany, and complies with the requirements of JH PARABIA. It is suitable for India and other rising regional markets.

Based on German engineering and manufactured in India, the TIIGER-STB-550 has a capacity of 550 tons even when used with 18+18 axle lines. The width & length of the Girder Bridge can be adjusted according to the dimensions of the load.

It’s a hydraulic Girder Bridge, which can compensate tilting angle & height according to the needs.

JH Parabia chose TII India as their supplier, because they rely on the proven experience of the Germany based TII GROUP with its reputed brands SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS, KAMAG, TIIGER.

TII Group holds the world record of “World’s largest girder bridge- STB-1000”, with a payload of 620-1000 mt.

Source TII Group

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