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25 Sep 2018

HHL moves fully assembled Liebherr cranes

The shipment caps off more than a dozen projects HANSA HEAVY LIFT has carried out for Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd since 2011

Date 25 September 2018

HANSA HEAVY LIFT has successfully transported two fully-assembled ship-to-shore container gantry cranes for Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd, picking them up in the DSG Terminal, Port of Cork, Ireland, before discharging them at the Port of Hull, UK.

The shipment took place aboard HHL Lagos and was the first time Liebherr’s gantry cranes had been transported fully-assembled via a lift-on and lift-off method on a heavy lift vessel. The cranes measured 81.4 metres by 30.3 metres by 57.3 metres.


“This was a complex project where in-depth engineering knowledge and operational expertise was an absolute requirement throughout all stages,” said Emek Ersin Takmaz, Head of Projects, Engineering Department, HANSA HEAVY LIFT. “Paying close attention to every detail, whilst working hand-in-hand with our customer from the beginning, as well as successful cooperation on site, helped us to eliminate any possible risks and allowed us to execute the project seamlessly as planned.”

Prior to the start of the voyage, engineering teams from both HANSA HEAVY LIFT and Liebherr worked together to design tailor-made seafastening and loadspreading structures, as well as special rigging arrangements for loading and discharge operations.


At the DSG Terminal, Port of Cork, the STS cranes were moved alongside using self-propelled modular transporters. Once lifted onboard, the first of two STS cranes was pulled to the forward end of the hatch covers, followed by the second crane being lifted directly into its stowage position in the cargo hold. The cranes were discharged directly onto the rails at the Port of Hull.


Andre Milschus, Managing Director, HBB Hanseatic Break Bulk GmbH, said this was a landmark project for Liebherr, as it was the first time fully erected STS cranes were transported via a lift-on and lift-off method on a heavy lift vessel after being built in Ireland.


Denis Doolan, Transport and Shipping Manager of Liebherr Container Cranes added “This project was quite a challenging one from a logistics point of view and one which took months in the planning.



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