Helge Ingstad Salvage Operations - Update – Heavy Lift News
25 Jan 2019

Helge Ingstad Salvage Operations – Update

The following reports on the status of the Helge Ingstad salvage operation were issued by the Norwegian Navy each morning at 09.00 during the past week.

Monday 09.00

Diving operations to prepare for lifting operation are ongoing as long as the weather permits. The crane barge “Rambiz” is located out at the salvage site where work tightening lifting chains for final fixing to the hull and pulling the last two lifting chains under the vessel is continuing.

Tuesday 09.00

During the Monday the last lifting chains were drawn under the KNM Helge Ingstad, the work continues to tighten up the chains and securing them on the hull. The tightening of the chains is challenging as chains are caught between the hull and rock of the island. Some work remains before the vessel is ready for lifting. The weather on the casualty site changes rapidly, strong winds are whipping the sea up which occasionally causes the work to be stopped.

Wednesday 09.00

The crane barge “Rambiz” remains on location where work continues tightening up the lifting chains before they are finally secured to the hull. The weather on location is changeable. When the winds get too strong work from the “Rambiz” is unable to continue, but the team tries to take advantage of periods of calm weather.

Thursday 09.00

The crane barge “Rambiz” is still located at the salvage site where work on lifting chains continues before they are finally secured to the hull. There has been good progress in the work in the past 24 hours. After Thursday the wind is forecasted to increase with waves of one meter which will limit the work possible.

Friday 09.00

On Thursday night the weather deteriorated at the salvage site, causing the crane barge “Rambiz” to leave the area of operations. Work that does not require the use of the crane barge will start up once the weather permits, and equipment is located standingby in the area. There is still some work left to secure the lifting chains on the hull, taking the horizontal forces that will occur during the lift.


As this news is being posted online the Rambiz is alongside the Gulliver at the offshore base in Hanoytangen, 14.45z, Friday 25 January.

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