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4 Mar 2019

Helge Ingstad – High and Dry Alongside in Haakonsvern

As reported last week on www.HeavyLiftNews.com, after the successful lift of the sunken Norwegian Navy Frigate, KNM Helge Ingstad, the original plan for the transport had to be changed.

At the Salvage Site
This first plan was to place the vessel on to the barge at the salvage site for transport to Haakonsvern, the main Norwegian Navy base. Adverse weather had been forecast for the exposed area with a swell height which could jeopardise the lift and securing operation on the barge.

The alternative plan was to leave as soon as possible with the vessel suspended from the two Scaldis heavy lift vessels, Rambiz and Gulliver. With the warship firmly secured to the Rambiz and Gulliver and suspended by their four cranes, the three vessels would be towed to the sheltered port at Hanøytangen. The three vessels formed a single unit to eliminate individual movement The tow started at 20.25 on Wednesday night and it arrived in Hanoytangen 12 hours later. Careful attention had been paid to reduce any pollution risks, and no leakage of diesel oil was reported.
As soon as the salvage site had been vacated operations to clean up area started under the supervision of Minedykkekommandoen, the maritime/naval special warfare unit of the Norwegian Special Operations Command and with the cooperation of the local authority, Øygarden, and Equinor, formally Statoil, who have a crude oil terminal 1.5km south of the location.


In Hanoytangen
Most of the earlier part of Friday was spent pumping water from the frigate and the vessel was gradually lifted further out of the water.
Boabarge 33 (BB33) was ballasted low in the water and placed under the Helge Ingstad during the night of Friday and Saturday morning. ROVs checked to positions of the chains supporting the vessel to ensure that they were away from the docking pads on the barge. When the vessel was positioned correctly, the barge’s ballast tanks were emptied and the KNM Helge Ingstad raised slowly while work securing it on the barge continued.
The BB33 was ballasted to provide a 2m freeboard and work continued to make the frigate firmly welded and secured before the chains from the Rambiz and Gulliver can be released.
Finally, on Sunday afternoon, the chains from the Rambiz and Gulliver were released, while the last welding continued on the supports.
The BB33, with the secured vessel onboard, left Hanøytangen at 19.00 on Sunday 3 March, bound for Haakonsvern Naval Station where they arrived at 23.00 on Sunday night. A video of this voyage is linked below.

In Haakonsvern
The BB33 with the Helge Ingstad on board is now, Monday 4 March, alongside the quay in Haakonsvern.

HNoMS Helge Ingstad arrives at Haakonsvern Naval station.  This photograph and the title feature photograph taken by Jakob Østheim – Royal Norwegian Navy

Photograph –  Bendik Skogli

Photograph – Bendik Skogli

Photograph – Bendik Skogli

Photograph – Bendik Skogli

Photograph – Bendik Skogli

All Photographs and Videos courtesy of Royal Norwegian Navy




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