Hegmann Fixing Cargo – Heavy Lift News
9 Jun 2020

Hegmann Fixing Cargo

Hegmann Transit has had a busy start to this month, arranging 2 coaster vessels with project freight. The project team of Hegmann arranged the direct transshipment of 80t pressure tank ex barge on to the first coaster from Rotterdam bound for France.

When this cargo was finalised a second booking was arranged on another coaster for a deck cargo of a 55m sail mast and some smaller sail masts.

For this impressive transport of the long mast has been arranged in one contract from the loading port on the Spanish Mediterranean coast to the destination port in Finland.

The transports of these different heavy and long cargoes have been fixed in a multimodal combination with different modes of transport, arranged by Hegmann Transit from door to door in close cooperation with the different suppliers to provide the customer with a good logistic solution.

Source Hegmann Transit

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