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17 May 2019

Heerema Shares Launch of Fairfield Decom in Radical Move

Together with two other leading players in the Oil and Gas industry’s decommissioning sector, Decom Energy and AF Offshore Decom, Heerema Marine Contractors has launched a new company: Fairfield Decom. Headquartered in Aberdeen, this new platform combines the knowledge of a highly experienced operator with the expertise and capabilities of the world’s leading offshore decommissioning contractors. Through this bold step, a unique late-life operations and decommissioning operator is created, providing an all-encompassing solution for aging offshore oil and gas assets, primarily in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).

Fairfield Decom represents a major leap towards a more innovative and sustainable offshore decommissioning industry where customers will benefit from a new business model, designed to reduce complexity and the number of contractual arrangements and deliver operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and predictability contributing to the 35% cost reduction targets set by the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA). Fairfield Decom’s customers will benefit by having direct access to the expertise, capabilities and assets brought together via Decom Energy, Heerema Marine Contractors and AF Offshore Decom, as Fairfield Decom is able to manage, integrate and then execute end-to-end late life and decommissioning activities. This is what Fairfield Decom calls ‘next generation decommissioning’.

In support of the new venture, Koos-Jan van Brouwershaven, CEO Heerema, comments: “Heerema is proud to be part of this unique new venture. Three leaders in the global decommissioning market have joined forces, providing a smarter, cost-effective and more sustainable approach to decommissioning and recycling offshore structures. As an experienced offshore contractor, Heerema is continuously seeking opportunities to further strengthen our position in the international offshore market through innovation, pro-activity and reliability. Fairfield Decom is a great example that meets those ambitions.”

Heerema has over 50 years of experience in transporting, installing, and removing all types of offshore facilities, including fixed and floating structures in shallow, deep, and ultra-deep waters for the offshore oil, gas & wind industries. AF Offshore Decom, a subsidiary of the Norwegian contracting and industrial group AF Gruppen, is a specialized contractor that has been developing and executing solutions for the removal and recycling of offshore installations for the past 15 years. Decom Energy is the first fully outsourced end-to-end, late-life and decommissioning operator in the North Sea with its subsidiary, Fairfield Energy, well-advanced in the decommissioning of the Greater Dunlin Area.

The venture is subject to the approval of the Norwegian Competition Authority.

Source Heerema

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