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1 Oct 2018

Heerema installs DOT wind turbine

01 October 2018

On the morning of September 30th Heerema’s Aegir successfully installed the DOT wind turbine on its previously installed monopile connected by a Slip Joint.

Heerema Marine Contractors, project stakeholders of the SJOR-consortium, decide to step into this project to present herself to the industry as an installation contractor who is also focusing on the transportation and installation of wind turbine foundations & turbines.

The DOT wind turbine is located in the Eneco Princess Amalia Wind Park off the coast of IJmuiden, the Netherlands. The complete wind turbine was picked up in a single lift by Heerema’s lifting vessel Aegar from the quay of Sif Rotterdam and transported towards its designed location. The turbine was installed by Aegir as a floating vessel and kept in position by Dynamic Positioning. The installation of the wind turbine took less that 1 hour in total.

The Slip Joint is an alternative connection between offshore wind turbine and its foundation. The connection is based on friction, where the weight ensures a firm and stable connection. Installation is done by simply sliding the wind turbine over the monopile without the use of grout or bolts. The simple mechanism allows for cost reduction in material, equipment and personnel as well as allowing for a shorter installation time. It is the first time a slip-joint connection is deployed offshore.

Source Heerema

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