Hebo Lift 9 sails from Rotterdam - Recovery of the Harbour Cranes in Rostock - Update – Heavy Lift News
28 Feb 2020

Hebo Lift 9 sails from Rotterdam – Recovery of the Harbour Cranes in Rostock – Update

Hebo Lift 9 – HEBO Maritiemservice BV

The mobile harbour cranes currently lying in the Rostock harbour basin B will soon be salvaged with the aid of the floating crane “Hebo Lift 9”.

On Wednesday the floating crane from Holland, which has been assigned with the salvage work, left the Port of Rotterdam and is expected to arrive in 5-7 days in the international Port of Rostock. The departure of the crane was delayed by a few days due to weather conditions in the North Sea.

The preparatory work for the salvage has already begun. One of the first tasks is the salvaging of the two 50-metre long lattice booms, which weigh 35 tonnes each. The specialists from BALTIC Taucherei- und Bergungsbetrieb Rostock GmbH are currently detaching the lattice booms of the mobile harbour cranes in order to salvage these before the floating crane arrives. The floating crane “Baltic Lift”, which is already on site and has a maximum lifting capacity of 200 tonnes, will salvage the detached booms. The salvaging of the booms as well as the attaching of the lifting schackles by the Baltic divers will take place in close coordination with the arrival of the floating crane “Hebo Lift 9”. This will ensure that the harbour traffic will not be impaired by repeated relocation of the oil barrier. Subsequently the cranes will be salvaged by the floating crane “Hebo Lift 9”. As manufacturer of the cranes, Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH is working in close cooperation with the assigned salvage companies and all authorities involved. Parallel to the preparatory activities for the salvaging, the areas at Berth 25 are being prepared for the positioning of the cranes.

In order not to interfere with the salvage work, a safety area has been defined in agreement with the Port of Rostock GmbH, Rostock Port Authority and the Stralsund Waterways and Shipping Office.

The Hebo Lift 9 is assisted on the voyage by the AHT Isa from Landfall Marine Contractors. The route to Rostock from Rotterdam will take them around the northern tip of Denmark, Skagen. The shorter route through the Kiel canal is not possible due to bridge air gap restrictions on the canal.

Source Liebherr and HNL

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