Heavy Lift Specialist

Heavy Lift Specialist is an expert in transport and installation engineering. In 2018 Heavy Lift Specialist joined forces with TWD. With our combined expertise we have all the required disciplines under one roof to assist you over the full range of your transport and installation project.

Our multidisciplinary teams of structural and mechanical engineers, lifting engineers, marine engineers and method engineers have a strong track record in multiple complex transport and installation projects.

Heavy lift services

  • Lifting and rigging plans
  • Method engineering
  • Equipment design
  • Structural mechanical engineering
  • Marine engineering
  • Fabrication management and operational support

Heavy lift solutions

  • Lifting frames and spreader beams
  • Jacking frames
  • Support and access structures
  • SPMT transport solutions
  • Load spreading frames
  • Upending frames
  • Hang off frames
  • Piling frames

Marine heavy lift services

  • Motion analysis
  • Stability analysis
  • Dynamic Lifting studies
  • Ballast analysis and plans
  • Mooring analysis and plans
  • Load-in/load-out engineering
  • Roll-on/roll-off engineering
  • Seafastening design


Please contact Marcel Vosse, Senior Engineer or Serge Rodrigues Monteiro, Technical Advisor via

+31 (0)10 2940 374.

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