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8 Jan 2019

HeavyLift@Sea Design the FFI 1700 Deep Water Installation Work

Floating foundation installation vessel FFI 170 . Rendering – Heavylift@sea

Date 8 January 2019

The Hamburg based engineering & design company HeavyLift@Sea presents the advanced Floating Foundation Installation Vessel FFI 1700 suitable for deep water installation of large monopiles, jackets and tripods.

With the dimensions of 165m length and 43,5m width the purpose-built FFI 1700 provides a large 130m long, unobstructed, high strength working deck for stowing 4 x XL-Monopiles up to 100m length, 10m diameter and 1500t weight. Additional cargo, such as transition pieces, towers etc. is safeguarded on deck. Grouting equipment is stowed below deck. The deadweight of the FFI 1700 is 14.500t.

The FFI 1700 is designed for optimal sea going capabilities during transit and heavy lift installation work. The speed of more than 13 knots is achieved by a diesel-electric propulsion system consisting of three (3) main gensets of 5,000 kW, three (3) auxiliary diesel engines of 595 kW and three (3) Azimuth-Thrusters of 3500 kW each. Exact positioning and station keeping is controlled by a DP 2 system in combination with three (3) bow thrusters of 1750 kW each and the Azimuth-Thrusters.

The FFI is equipped with a powerful heavy lift offshore crane of SWL 1700t making the FFI 1700 destined for heavy lift installation works.

The wire-luffing heavy lift offshore crane is supplied by daughter company MATE@SEA and specified with the following load steps:

·         1700 t @ 12 m – 30 m

·         1000 t @ 12 m – 50 m

·         500 t @ 12 m – 100 m


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