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7 Jul 2020

Heavy Transport in Brazil by WWPC Member Over Projects – Video and Gallery

Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) member in Brazil, Over Projects, based in Salas, managed the safe movement of eleven used CAT 785D off-highway trucks. Each  truck measured 9.7 x 6.7 x 5.2 m and weighed 90t. The project also included fifteen tyres and two 40ft containers. The total weight of lifts was 3856 Freight tons.

All the trucks and other loads were to be transported from a mine site to the designated export port, port of Ilhéus, for loading onto a chartered vessel bound for Australia.

This particular project was full of challenges, starting from the lack of mainstream ports in reasonable distance and cargo size.

In the attempt to reduce the costs and lead time, the Over Project experts came up with a solution to transport the fully assembled trucks (except dump bodies) to  the port of Ilhéus located 150 km away from the mine site. Some interventions were necessary like trimming trees, lifting wires and traffic lights on villages and civil works at port gate access.

Over Projects also managed to avoid cranage at both the mine site and the port by jacking the trucks on/off hydraulic trailers.

Summary of the entire scope on the project:

  • mechanic repairs
  • removal of 11 dump bodies at site
  • washing to Australian Quarantine standards
  • crating of accessories / fumigation of wooden boxes
  • purchase of 2 x 40’SOC and stuffing
  • tyre replacement
  • road survey and special permits (including police escorts)
  • jacking (lift-on/lift-off)
  • road transportation with 10-axle hydraulic trailers
  • port operations
  • export formalities
  • loading coordination of chartered vessel

Over Projects has clearly become a reference in Brazil in the segment of used mining and construction equipment, supporting traders worldwide to source, prepare and transport their acquired assets.








Source WWPC/ Over Projects


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