Heavy Seas Medivac by UK Coast Guard – Heavy Lift News
20 Dec 2018

Heavy Seas Medivac by UK Coast Guard

20 December 2018

An unwell passenger on a cruise ship was airlifted to hospital in the early hours of this morning by HM Coastguard Newquay helicopter.

HM Coastguard were called at around 2.15am to help the unwell passenger on the cruise ship who urgently needed to be taken to hospital.

The HM Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Newqyay, with Captain Dave Crimmon, Co-Pilot Debdash Bhattacharya, Winch Operator Rob Glendinning and Winchman Niall Hanson aboard, responded to call and made their way to the cruise ship which was positioned 30nm south of Plymouth.  

After arriving on scene they lowered their Paramedic Winchman onboard to treat the casualty.  They secured the man and winched him into the aircraft where he was taken to Treliske Hospital.  The cruise ship resumed its planned course to the Azores.

Source HM Coastguard