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17 Feb 2020

Heavy Lift Vessel Collision in Curaçao

At 13.30z on Sunday morning in Curaçao the Panama flagged heavy lift vessel, Wish Way, loaded with two S-T-S container cranes collided with the Juliana Bridge connecting both sides of the channel into St. Anna Bay. Damage to the bridge was light and it has since been reopened for road traffic, however reports say that damage to the cranes was more severe. The Wish Way has now berthed at the container terminal.

The cranes were made in China and were to be completed on site in the container port of Curaçao. The port operator had earlier asked Curaçao residents to follow the vessel on its way to the port, so the collision was witnessed by many people live and on TV.

The installation of the cranes was due to take 3 months but the damaged incurred will delay their much-needed deployment in the port.

The Juliana Bridge was built under the supervision of Dutch Ministry of transport infrastructure in 1967. It had been built sufficiently high to enable tankers reach the refinery.

Featured Title photograph

MV Wish Way photographed in 2016, courtesy of Piet Sinke, Maasmondmaritime

Source HLN


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