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4 Dec 2018

Heavy Lift Specialist Seminars now in 3D

The Heavy Lift Specialist Seminars will now have 3 Dimensions; Marcel Vosse (Offshore Engineering) and Richard Krabbendam (Heavy Lift) are now joined by Toon Bonjer (Maritime)

Date 29 November 2018

Lifting the content value of the Heavy Lift Specialist Seminars is not easy. By definition a specialist is already at the top of the scale, so which way do you go to provide more value to an already valuable event?

Future Heavy Lift Specialist Seminars will be able to call on the experience and knowledge of Toon Bonjer to provide a deeper knowledge of the maritime heavy lift operations, widening the scope of the seminars.

Toon started at the bottom of the ladder over 40 years ago as an officer apprentice with Smit International, the world-renowned towing and salvage company. He worked his way up through the ranks, qualifying as a Master Mariner and gaining experience in every aspect of the Smit Group’s activities.  

Their specialised work in Ocean Towage, Floating Cranes, Salvage works, Harbour Towage, Marine Projects, Anchor handling / Tug / Supply, Subsea works and Barge Transport are all integral parts in many heavy lift operations; and this is where Toon’s roots lie.

Since 2010 Smit has been part of Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis), where most recently, he was working in the team that developed the Bokalift 1, the 3,000t self-propelled crane vessel converted from one of their semi-submersible heavy lift vessels in 2017/2018 .

Toon’s experience over 40 years in the maritime sector brings new and valuable lessons to the seminar.

With Richard Krabbendam’s heavy lift dimension and Marcel Vosse’s engineering dimension we can now add Toon Bonjer and this new third maritime dimension for added value to an already Specialist Seminar.

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