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9 Oct 2018

Heavy Lift Specialist Seminar – a New Generation

The delegates attending the 117th Heavy Lift Specialist Seminar in Rotterdam which ended yesterday.

Date 4 October 2018

The first of a new generation of Heavy Lift Specialist Seminars ended yesterday in Rotterdam. A new generation, as this seminar was the first since the news earlier this year that Richard Krabbendam had joined forces with TWD, Temporary Works Design.

Delegates from heavy lift and transport related companies from as far away as Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Nigeria, Israel and Egypt, as well as closer by, Hamburg, Antwerp and even Rotterdam, took part in the seminar discussing topics related to the safe and efficient working in this industry.

Based on a life time of experience in the Heavy Lift Industry Richard’s presentations covered topics from the calculations and research needed in the planning stages of a project through to the operational phase and ending in examples of success and reasons why, sometimes, projects failed. Importantly safety with safe practices was a thread leading through the whole seminar 

Marcel Vosse, a TWD Project Engineer, joined Richard with a session covering the on and offshore Renewable Energy Sector which is providing much of the transport and lifting news published on HeavyLiftNews.com. This is a sector that is also providing TWD with engineering challenges to solve for their clients.

A meeting room at TWD’s office provided a good venue with an excellent view over the Port of Rotterdam from the 14th floor of the Rotterdam Science Tower. 

As one of the delegates attending this new generation of seminars, I can say that the news published in future on HeavyLiftNews.com will have been selected by an editor who now has a much increased level of understanding of this industry. However, with the level of innovation involved in heavy lift it will remain on a steep learning curve. 

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